Please complete the form below to receive a no-obligation quote. If you would like a quote on both a New bit and a Regrind of that bit, select both the "New" and "Regrind" boxes for those part numbers.
NEW - Brand New bits accurately ground from the highest quality tool steel. Guaranteed to fit your tool.
REGRIND - An accurate grinding of your used bit to place a New cutting edge. Bits that are brittle from overheating, previously hand-ground, broken, or otherwise seriously damaged, can not be reground. Also, bits that have been resharpened multiple times may be unacceptable for reconditioning.
REMAKE - Bits that have been damaged to the point where the original cutting edge needs to be moved back or removed completely. The cutting edge, top rake, side clearances and ends are all recreated to make the bit as close to like-New as possible.

Common E. H. Wachs Style I.D. Mount Prep Tool Blades
Part No. Quantity New Regrind Remake Nitride Coating
O.D. Bevel SDB 103 StyleCBT-W411
CBT-W411-01 37-1/2° Standard
CBT-W411-02 37-1/2° Medium Range
CBT-W411-03 37-1/2° High Range
Face SDB 103 Style
CBT-W410-02 0° Standard
CBT-W410-03 0° High Range
I.D. Bevel SDB 103 Style CBT-W702
CBT-W412-01 Low Range
CBT-W412-02 Medium Range
CBT-W412-03 High Range
J Bevel SDB 103 Style CBT-W713-00
CBT-W713-00 J-Bevel 20°
O.D. Bevel SDB 206 SDB 412 Style Wachs Style O.D. Bevel
CBT-W700-01 37-1/2°
CBT-W700-02 37-1/2°
Face SDB 206 SDB 412 Style  
CBT-W701-01 02° Low Range
CBT-W701-02 0° High Range
I.D. Bevel SDB 206 SDB 412 Style
CBT-W702-01 10° Low Range
CBT-W702-02 10° Medium Range
CBT-W702-03 10° High Range
Counted Bore SDB 206 SDB 412
CBT-W705-01 4 to 1 Taper Low Range
CBT-W705-02 4 to 1 Taper Medium Range
CBT-W705-03 4 to 1 Taper High Range
J-Bevel SDB 206 SDB 412
CBT-W703-00 20° 3/32 Radius Low Range
CBT-W704-00 20° 3/32 Radius High Range
Carbide Insert SDB 206 SDB 412
CBT-W712-01 Bevel - Face
CBT-W712-00 J Bevel 3/32 Radius
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